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Spring Planting Amongst the Snow

It was another busy busy weekend around here! While the snow sure wasn't pleasant to watch falling from the sky all day yesterday, it at least didn't slow us down too much on the planting front. The short hop from the germination greenhouse to the first high tunnel was a bit chilly on the plants, but they quickly warmed up as I tucked them into their new homes. Days like this remind me of how extremely grateful I am for our protected growing environment, and that we are so lucky to be able to grow this time of year no matter the weather. Rain, Snow, or Shine!

It does come with it's own set of challenges, but the benefits are worth it.

One, namely being we get to offer fresh veggies weeks, if not months, earlier than our normal growing season would allow!

Muddy tire tracks in the snow after tilling the second tunnel. Gotta try and stay on schedule!

How it started. How it ended a short 10 min later!

I'm getting pretty quick at this planting thing after all these years. ;)

It's starting to look a little more green everyday! More lettuce added, broccoli, and kohlrabi all planted this past weekend.

Freshly planted kohlrabi.

There was also lots of seeding and transplanting taking place in the germination greenhouse over the weekend. So many tasks, and so little time. Spring is when everything seems to happen at once. It's exciting and fun, but also so exhausting!

*Please Note*

Unfortunately, this week we will not be offering egg pick up. We will be back to our regular schedule next week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Lastly, there is a fundraising event taking place for the Grand Rapids Farmers Market a week from Tuesday on April 25th at Rapids Brewing. Anyone that donates $10 or more will receive a free beer! Stop on by, donate, and say hi. We will be there supporting the market and possibly selling a few early plants!

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