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No Farm Box this Week...Soaking in some Summer Days!

The end of summer is nearing and we've decided to head to the lake for the day to soak it all in while we can! Which means, we won't have time to harvest and put a Farm Box together this week. *We will still have egg pick up for those with standing weekly orders.*

Summer's bounty is here though, so make sure to find us at the GR Farmer's Market on Saturday! Tables last week were loaded with so much goodness and vibrant colors.

We plan to put together lots more beautiful Farm Boxes through the Fall this year and will be back on schedule next week.

Also, if anyone is interested in Bulk Veggies, please send us an email!

We have a list started for Canning Tomatoes right now. They are $2.50/lb

Patzoldt's Peach ordering is still open for the next couple of weeks.

The 2nd Shipment will arrive Wednesday, September 13th.

Perfect for school morning breakfasts, lunches, or a quick snack between afterschool activities! Or, if you are like me, perfect for eating morning, noon, & night just because! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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