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More Blooms

To distract from the white stuff floating in the air (and no it's not poplar tree seed fluff!) I'm going to share some more beautiful blooms starting to pop in the greenhouse. :)

We started verbena for the first time this year and it is just starting to show some color. I'm so excited to see it in full bloom. The violas are really filling out and the lobelia is starting to show off.

Celery & kohlrabi just chilling in the high tunnel.

The weather has definitely delayed our high tunnel prep, but we are trying to move forward as best as possible. With so little sun, the plants aren't growing very fast, but they are making some progress. We've held off seeding our early beans & carrots because the soil just isn't warming fast enough. The radishes have emerged though and the peas should not be too far behind. We'll take it!

Two age classes of tomatoes. The ones in the background will be planted in the high tunnel (hopefully soon!) and the others will eventually find homes in your own gardens!

We are still potting up hundreds of plants every single day in preparation for our spring plant sales. As is everyone, we are so excited for the weather to warm and to help you all grow fabulous gardens this summer!

*Eggs are listed and ready for ordering.*

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Pick up Wednesday, from 11-2pm.

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