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July 13th Farm Box & Updates

July has arrived and the farm is thriving!

We took a mid season break last week to reset and spend time with friends and family and are finally getting back into a routine. Pictured above was the Farm Box from 2 weeks ago. This weeks box is similar, but we swapped the kale for...Tomatoes!

July 13th Farm Box Contents:

- Carrots

- Celery

- Cucumbers

- Green Beans

- Kohlrabi

- Red Onions

- Small Bag of Tomatoes

The tomatoes are looking so good right now and we will soon be swimming in them! In this weeks Farm Box you will find a few cherry tomatoes and a couple small to medium Early Girl variety.

The flowers are also exploding right now and the first sunny sunflowers are blooming. No matter what, they always bring a smile to my face!

We've started to receive some messages asking about Patzoldt's Peaches. We will be taking online orders again this year through our website. We are still waiting for our shipment dates to be confirmed, but hope to have them set by next week! As of right now, the 1st shipment is looking like the second week of August. Prices will be the same as last year for an approximate 20lb box.

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