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Happy New Year! (Eggs)

Our dedicated egg collectors! Braving the snowstorm last week to check on the chickens.

We are so thankful that we have a warm/protected environment for our chickens to overwinter in and that it is equally beneficial to us. We gain great pest control and manure!

Birds and tunnels alike weathered the storm ok. Heavy snow all at once makes us a little nervous around here, but we are diligent with timely snow removal. Most of the time the snow will slide right off the tunnels on it's own. Sometimes though, it requires us to help out a bit. We will take large brooms and gently knock/bounce the inside of the plastic to help get it moving. Then we will plow along the edges to remove the snow buildup to make sure there isn't too much pressure on the sides. It also helps the soil dry out quicker in early spring with less snow melting.

It sure is pretty when it snows this much though! (And fun to play in ;)

Wishing you all health & happiness in the new year!

Order Farm Fresh Eggs Here:

Pick up Wednesday, from 11-2pm.

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