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Happy May Day!

It's May! Yay!

The Month of May is by far the busiest month of the year on the farm. Everything is happening all at once. It's a mad dash to get as much as possible transplanted and seeded in the ground. The greenhouse is bursting with plants that are being cared for and watered multiple times a day. There is endless potting up of plants for sale. More seeding in flats is happening for later successions of plantings. Spring clean up, organizing/packing trailers, and washing displays for Farmer's Market season happens!

(1st day of the Grand Rapids Farmer's Market for us is Saturday May 13th)

Weeding begins. Harvesting begins. It all begins!

All while the birds are singing, the grass is greening up, the dandelions appear, the trees start budding out, and my all time favorite...the frogs start singing!

It's truly the most lovely and magical time of year.

Amongst all the planting and prep going on, I had intended on launching online plant pre-orders today, but there's been a delay. We are anxiously awaiting a shipment of pots that's been held up and it's set our schedule back a few days.

So, the new schedule is...

Online plant pre-orders will launch next Monday, May 8th.

The 1st on farm pick up will be on Wednesday, May 10th.

This gives you one more week to pull out the notepad, sit in some sunshine, and start dreaming up this years garden!

Lots more great planting progress was made over the weekend. Green & red scallions are in the second high tunnel, as well as the second planting of broccoli and kohlrabi. Soon to follow will be more lettuce and thousands of flowers destined for local florist Madeline at North in Bloom and arranged as 'Farm Fresh Flower Wraps' this summer!

Beautiful Basil ready for new pots. Can you smell it?! It's heavenly.

The pace is picking up around here, so keep a watch out for lots more info and updates heading your way! :)

Farm Fresh Eggs are available for ordering with pick up on Wednesday, 11-2pm.

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