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Greening Up (Eggs)

Baby broccoli making an appearance.

These are some of the first starts that will be transplanted into our high tunnels hopefully by April 1st! Kale, chard, and kohlrabi are all sprouting as well.

We are still buried in snow around here, but at least we are starting to have some walking paths again! The sun and warm temps were a welcome sight this past weekend. It melted most of the snow off the tops of the tunnels and it warmed our starter greenhouse enough to put plants out for the first time without having to turn the furnace on.

Sunbathing ;)

We added some more supplemental light in the germination house to prevent the plants from getting leggy before we move them out into the bigger greenhouse full time. This time of year we move plants in and out a lot to avoid heating the larger greenhouse on cold days and nights.

Another big batch of seeding is going to take place this week with tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and lots more flowers getting started!

With the weather getting warmer we will also start to shift focus on prepping the first high tunnels for early spring planting. Bring on March!

As always...

*Weekly eggs are listed on the website ready for ordering.*

Order Eggs Here:

Pick up Wednesday, from 11-2pm.

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