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Cucumbers...what's the difference?

Cucumbers are coming in nicely and we have many different varieties to choose from! We've got smooth and bumpy skinned, small and large, slicers/snackers/picklers, so how do you possibly decide what to buy?

First of all, they all taste fabulous, so you can't make a bad decision! Secondly, sometimes it just comes down to what you grew up with. As a kid, we always had pickling cucumbers that we'd snack on straight off the vine. To this day, they are still one of my favorite cucumbers. The crunch and mild flavor can't be beat. (Plus, I absolutely LOVE pickles!) Or, it's just about how you want to use them.

We've written down as short explanation of each variety we offer to help you make your choice.


The name says it all. These cucumbers are bred to make the best tasting pickles, but they are also fabulous to just grab and eat. We pick them slightly on the larger side, 4-5", so they are good for cutting up and eating fresh.

Traditional Slicer

The skin on these cucumbers is slightly thicker than a smooth skinned 'Snacking' variety and has bumpy spines, so it is best to peel before eating. 6-8" Long this cuc is great for slicing up for salads.

Smooth Skinned Slicer

This is a seedless cucumber that is bitter-free. No need to peel this cuc before enjoying! Tender and sweet you can slice them up and enjoy as is.


This is a great grab and go cucumber. We try to pick them on the small size, (which is sometimes hard to do!), so they make a quick and easy snack. This variety is also smooth, very thinned skinned, with few seeds, so there is no need to peel or slice this cucumber.


This cucumber can get crazy long! It can reach up to 12" + long and has a wonderfully sweet and crunchy flavor with a small seed cavity. One cucumber goes a long way!

Here's one of our favorite quick salads to make with all cucumber varieties:

Mix together:

  • Sliced cucumbers

  • Onion

  • Garlic

  • Dill weed

  • White vinegar

  • Sour cream (and a little mayo)

  • Salt & Pepper

So easy and delicious. We eat it all summer long!

Lastly, this week is what we call a transition week on the farm. We don't have a large selection of veggies because some of our early crops like lettuce are done and we are still waiting patiently for peas, carrots, and beans. It won't be long though!

Picked these today. :)

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