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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Do April snows bring May flowers? Yes, yes they do!

Even though winter seems endless this time of year, spring always arrives.

Mother Nature may be slow to wake up the flowers this year, but we are hard at work growing our own making sure we have May flowers either way!

It was another busy weekend around here. The seedlings are getting big enough for bigger pots, so there was lots of transplanting going on. We also seeded another big batch of flowers, seeds, & herbs and it was time for the onions to get their first true haircut! The first of many before they are planted into the high tunnel. This process helps the plants put energy back into root development and create nice stocky onion starts. We also spent more time prepping the first high tunnel to be ready to plant by the end of the week!

Our future egg layers.

This years baby chicks have arrived! Always a fun time of year.

Farm Fresh Eggs are available for ordering with pick up on Wednesday, 11-2pm.

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