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A Blank Slate

A blank slate.

With the weather warming, snow melting, and abundant sunshine over the weekend…my daydreaming of spring planting has kicked into high gear. This will be the first tunnel we transplant in to and it will be full of spring favorites like lettuce, radishes, and kale.

It always surprises me how fast things start moving this time of year. It’s crazy to think we are only 6 weeks from planting in ground!

I'm getting ahead of myself though! First, I still need to tackle the task of cleaning and sanitizing the greenhouse and thousands of trays and pots. Then, pull out the tweezers to seed hundreds of varieties of plants.

I’m feeling insanely behind this year, but somehow things always find a way of working out.

I'm sorry to say we need to take a week off from eggs, but will be back to our regular ordering schedule next Monday!

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