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Weekend Getaway

Soaking up the energy of the sun and big beautiful Lake Superior on the beach in Grand Marais.

Our family took one last opportunity to leave the farm over the weekend and drove up the shore to Lutsen. We tried to hike, but after the rains last week most trails were covered in glare ice. So instead, we opted for picnics on the beach and rock skipping.

It was a wonderful reset before the season really gets rolling and the baby plants need constant attention.

Back at home it's been like Christmas, as boxes of seeds keep showing up at our door! The big clean up has commenced in the starter greenhouse and I hope to have everything ready to get seeds in soil next week.

I apologize for having no eggs available again this week. Our egg washer is out sick and we could not process and pack eggs for today. Hopeful that next week we will finally be back on track!

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