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'Tis the Shoveling Season!

The transformation has begun! It was a big weekend for us on the farm. We are taking advantage of this crazy warm & mild winter and getting a jump start on tunnel prep. That means staking out and shoveling our raised beds. Since we didn't run chickens in this particular tunnel over the winter (they are in two other ones), we were able to till last fall. That saved us time this spring, but it also means we will have to hand spread manure once the beds are prepped. The soil is still a chilly 40 degrees, but if the sun continues to stick around it will warm up in no time!

Wil doing the hard work of hand shoveling the aisles to create raised beds. We had to roll the sides up a bit since it was over 80 degrees in there!

I was also all smiles because seeding began in the greenhouse late last week! Starting Friday we seeded over 500 lettuce, 750 cole crops, 750 herbs, 3,500 onions, & 1,000 flowers.

Just the first of many more thousands to come!

The process...fill trays, use tweezers to pick up and place each tiny seed, water bath, and then place under the lights and heat.

The first seeds popped within 3 days! The kohlrabi, kale, collards, broccoli, and lettuce have all shown themselves. The speed of growth is always so impressive and exciting to see.

We have farm fresh eggs available this week for pick up Wednesday at the farm from 11-2pm.

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