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The Farm Box is Back!

Pictured: Last Farm Box from August 16th.

This week's box includes summer staples (tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini), features giant kohlrabi & cabbage, super sweet colorful peppers, and brings back a fan favorite... Carrots! You aren't going to want to miss it! It's a perfect combination to make some wonderful meals to share over Labor Day Weekend.

(Please note: Boxes have a $30.00 value this week.)

Contents of August 30th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes

- Green Cabbage

- Giant Kohlrabi

- Zucchini

- Cucumbers

- Sweet Peppers

- Carrots

In farming it always feels like we go from one transition to the next. Always moving forward, thinking ahead to what's next, constantly planning for the coming months. Sometimes it makes it hard to be in the moment. So I try to be very intentional about that. Enjoy what's happening now, while always thinking three steps ahead.

We are in another transition right now. Summer to fall. We are enjoying the bounty of summer favorites like tomatoes & sweet peppers, while also noticing some crops, like beans (and us! haha), getting "tired" and focusing ahead to make sure our fall carrots and celery is weeded.

Labor Day weekend is upon us, so make sure to live in the moment, enjoy the last days of summer, and eat some wonderful veggies while you can!

We've got some Medium Farm Fresh Eggs available this week.

Patzoldt's Peaches are still available for ordering.

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