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One Last Farm Box!

Well, we've decided to go for it one more time! One more box filled with summer's sweetness. The carrots are divine right now and the celery is great for fall soups. The cucumbers are still crisp and mild and tomatoes juicy and sweet.

Contents of October 4th Farm Box:

- Celery

- Carrots

- Cucumbers

- Tomatoes

- Zucchini

- Sweet Onions

*Possible bonus veggies depending on what extras are found during harvest!*

We still have beautiful bunches of sunflowers for sale this week!

It has been so fun watching the pollinators at work. The bees are just completely covered with yellow pollen! We've made sure to leave plenty behind for them. :)

Fall to me means beautiful trees, mild nights/crisp mornings, fires, and baking! Stock up on delicious eggs for all your baking needs. We've got lots with our new flock at their peak laying potential!

I hope everyone is enjoying the magic of fall in the Northwoods!

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