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New this week...

First of all, hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!

We spent most of the day trying not to overheat! These past few days have been difficult with the kind of temperatures we've had as it makes it almost unbearable to work in the greenhouses. The good news...the veggies are still growing! The first of the jalapenos are ready and cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen quickly. Hoping we will have enough later this week to offer them in the Farm Box. :)

(Picture from last summer!)

Sadly, the peas do not like this kind of heat and our first crop is done. Hoping if we're lucky we will have another batch ready to harvest early Fall! Our first crop of beans is also starting to slow down, but hoping for another late summer harvest of those as well.

Inventory is updated on the website and ordering is open until 5:00pm tonight, instead of NOON, as we are sending out our email later than usual because of the holiday! Lots of cucumbers, red onions, green onions, kale/chard, and jalapenos available with a few beans and carrots too!

Direct link to Fresh Veggies:

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