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The first little sprouts are popping up all over the place! A variety of flowers, herbs (lavender, rosemary, oregano), ornamental grasses, and pictured above - Strawberries. The plant I'm the most excited to be growing this year. We tried a few last year and are growing a bunch more this year because we loved them so much. What's unique about this strawberry is that it's bred to be ornamental & edible. It produces the most beautiful blooms as well as delicious fruit. blooms all season, which means you get to enjoy strawberries all summer! We had a pot on our deck and were able to pick strawberries every few days from July through September. The kids loved it!

We are busy busy seeding right now. Over 4000 onions just went in and next up are the first of the cole crops that will be planted into our high tunnels such as broccoli, kale, & kohlrabi. Followed soon by lettuce and many more flowers!

(Trays of seeds staying nice and toasty in the germination greenhouse during yet another snowstorm and cold snap!)

We've also been enjoying Mother Nature's beautiful displays lately.

Sunsets & Full Moon.

The countdown has begun around here...only 27 days until the 1st official day of Spring.

We sure hope warmer weather comes soon!

*Weekly eggs are listed on the website ready for ordering.*

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Pick up Wednesday, from 11-2pm.

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