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Farm Box & Bulk Tomatoes

Picture of last weeks Farm Box. It was a beauty!

This weeks box is going to look pretty similar, except we are swapping out the Kale/Chard for a small amount of Sugar Snap Peas.

August 17th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes - Mix of different sizes

- Mixed bundle of Green & Red Scallions

- Green Beans or Broccoli

- Cucumbers

- Sweet Pepper

- Zucchini

- Sweet Onion

- 1/2 Pint of Sugar Snap Peas

We are also starting to take orders for bulk processing tomatoes.

Anything over 10lbs is $2.50/lb.

Nearly 40% off from our regular retail price.

Email us at: and let us know how many pounds you would like and we will start filling orders.

If you're looking for Cherry Tomatoes or Small Boxes of Tomatoes, check back tomorrow as we may add some listings after harvesting this evening!

We also have eggs available this week.

The 1st Shipment of Patzoldt's Peaches arrived last week and they were beautiful!

Super large, sweet, and juicy. If you missed the 1st Shipment, or are looking for some more, the 2nd Shipment will be arriving Wednesday, August 31st!

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