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August is Here!

It's August tomorrow! That sure snuck up on us quick. The arrival of August typically means hot days, tomatoes, more tomatoes, an abundance of vegetables, long harvest days, and fall planning. We are excited that we snuck in one more planting of lettuce and it is ready to put on a perfect BLT! This weeks Farm Box has the ingredients for one of our favorite summer meals. BLTs with a side of cucumber salad.

Contents of August 2nd Farm Box:

- Tomatoes

- Lettuce

- Cucumbers

- Broccoli

- Carrots

- Mixed Bundle of Kale/Chard

Please remember that if you go to order a Farm Box and it is sold out, send us an email to get on the Wait List. Sometimes after harvest we are able to fill a couple more boxes!

Quick note about about Pick Up Day. We will be installing a new money drop box this week in the Red Shed. It will be replacing our old wooden box. It will be mounted on the wall next to the door so keep an eye out! Also, if you order a Farm Box, please make sure to grab your bag of tomatoes lined up on the table that goes with it most weeks!

It's one day away from August, and yes, we are still planting! Spring and summer is an endless rotation of plant, tend, harvest. Fall will arrive before we know it and we are making sure to sneak in a couple more beds of carrots and sunflowers in preparation.

With the arrival of August also comes one of our favorite time of year.

Juicy, sweet Patzoldt's Peaches arrive!

We are once again partnering with Patzoldt's Peaches to offer online ordering of their delicious fruit for the 2023 Peach Season on our farm website and you don't want to miss out! 1st delivery of peaches is already next week so get your orders in today!

First Delivery of PEACHES: Wednesday, August 9th

Second Delivery of PEACHES: Wednesday, September 13th

Approx. 20lb Box of Peaches: $52.00

Pay for your fruit by CASH or CHECK during pick-up times: 8:00am - 6:00pm @


Grand Rapids, MN 55744

​** Only 2 driveways away from us!!**



Or, phone orders for peaches may be recorded by calling: 218-360-2121

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